Monday, January 18, 2010

Preserved Lemons

I'm on a roll now! I went to the farmer's market yesterday and found a basket of big, gorgeous, lemons- three for a dollar- calling my name. I had no idea what to make of them, but I knew they were too good to pass up. On the way home I imagined lemon roasted chicken, pasta primavera with lemon, lemon dahl.. I knew I had to get these lemons into a jar before they ended up in a dish. So I chunked and tossed them with peppercorns, cinnamon bark, cloves, coriander seed, bay leaves and a good dose of salt, shoved them in a jar, topped off with good olive oil and sealed immediately. The jars a so darn pretty I might just use them as a decoration while they cure for the next two months.


  1. So pretty - those would make such lovely gifts! What kind of dish would you use them for once they're cured?

  2. once they are cured you can eat the whole thing, or cut them up into smaller pieces- so pretty much anything that would go with lemon. i think they would compliment chicken, fish, pasta and vegetables all very well.